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Tips to Buy Mobile Phones & on Choosing a New Phone

Tips to buy mobile phones & on choosing  a New Phone - The phone is already a requirement of everyday life for some people, and maybe you. Naturally, considering that with this communication tool you can call anyone and from where you are. Conversely, you also can be reached anywhere.

Through this paper, I will try to share the experience of buying a mobile phone (here I will only limit his writings on the handset, while the card may be discussed on another occasion.) This paper is mainly directed at you are just about to buy a cell phone or who want to replace. There are some things that need your attention:


1. Determine needs and customize your phone with your finances.
Now almost every month out of a series of new phones from different brands. They each have their own privileges. The more complete facilities, the more expensive the price. If my own father-mother, frankly just need HP to make calls and send SMS.
So, I do not feel the need HP costly with strange facility. Why would I buy if there is baseball later that I used. For example, a gaming facility or a game at HP are rarely used, no matter how good his game. Or facilities that can ring or polytone songs, which come to think actually the same function, like the sound of anything.
Else if there are cheap mobile phone numbers that memory storage can fit more, I want to buy it, because I really need it for storing the phone number of my colleagues. So here, you are in control, determine your needs, then disconnect the phone as required earlier.

2. Find references about the appropriate phone
Now you already know your needs and budget funds that you have, now why do not we try to find the series and what brand suits your needs earlier. You can find out through advertisements in newspapers, internet, or while walking in the mall. You can also find references through your friends who know enough about HP.
Well, when you search for references, try to find out about its features (benefits provided), the selling price of its new brand and how the prospect of it if we want to sell again, whether the price will roughly mark will go down further or not. If you are the sort of person who likes mutually HP every 3-6 months, of course you have to look for traces of HP sales price is not too far from the new price.

3. Decide where you will buy it and do tests there.
Where are you going to buy a mobile phone? In the official agents? Regular stores, or at the Shopping Centre in Jakarta such as ITC Roxy? Tips, if you want to compare prices between one store to another store, just come to the HP shopping center. There we can compare price and service retailer. Usually there are also many references to the former mobile phone.
But if you just want to have to buy the HP simple or "market" (usually the price is not much difference between one store and others) and your home away from shopping centers, do not forget to take into account also the cost of transport you there. Do-not to count the totals were even more expensive than if you buy it in stores near your home.
Once you've bought HP as you want, do not forget to try them all in there. Usually I always ask for the phone and its SIM cardnya activated directly by the seller. Also requested all taught how to use and its functions.

4. Always ask for guarantees to reduce problems later on.
Why do I say that? Because none of us who want a headache later on if HP is broken. So if one day our phone problem, bring it back to the dealer again. The hope, so they could repair or replace it. That's what the warranty. Well, right now there's more to do with buying HP in a place easily accessible from home? So if there is anything we can quickly go to that place without excessive exit fees. Warranty will be very important if the goods we buy is a sophisticated model, where very hard to find a place to repair, or if any, cost to be very expensive.

5. Just buy the former if you have limited funds
Nothing wrong if you buy a secondhand if your fund is not enough to buy a new one. Just keep in mind, buy a cell phone can be used such as buying a cat in a sack, because we often do not know the history and condition of the cats.
Indeed, sometimes there are still under warranty HP used. But most do not. Well, if you have to buy a secondhand, buy the retailer has a store that you know well. Thus, instinct and trust factor will become increasingly important in buying HP used. When you buy a new mobile phone this time, probably better ask your friends to trust that may have friends or subscriptions HP store. These little tips when buying a new CellPhone to avoid mistakes in the selection of HP products that you like
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