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Tips on Choosing a Life Partner - Looking for a Good Mate

Tips on choosing a life partner - Looking for a good mate - After yesterday I share tips to gain weight, this time I try to share tips on choosing a mate for you.In searching for life companion / spouse difficult difficult easy. There are after work and established a new get a life partner. There are newly graduated from college, has not worked've got a life partner. There are still in college and certainly has not worked've got a life partner, there is also a newly graduated high school and still have got a life partner. There is no harm in me trying to share tips for choosing a life partner do not regret in the future.
This is why I was to write these tips on choosing a mate, which is basically I created for everyone (especially those that are still singles) both had a single for the future to get a life companion of his choice.

Some tips to get the candidate companion of life including:

1. In choosing a spouse must be faith (a belief / religion), believes if the prospective wife or husband will not cheat or do other acts which resulted in breakdown of household fabric. 

2. In choosing a life partner do not have cute, handsome, beautiful or sexy, but choose a candidate companion of rich men poor even for mercy. Because the way inoperable, especially with technology now that plastic surgery. 

3. Again the physical is not important so tuk prospective husbands body / agency partner should not be ignored completely.
4. Look for a line mate. This is to avoid the couple so as not to wrong address, or at least everywhere the same purpose. For example if you want a date at one restaurant then at least to the same restaurant (not the others). 

5. For prospective husband look for a wife who has a narrow forehead, thick lips. narrow forehead shows a narrow mindset so that later no assorted wives and husbands are not critical if the later stuff. Thick lips indicate a strong sex drive, so that later when married if the husband or son wants to have dimples ask the wife to kiss her cheek firmly until berlesung, or want berlesung forehead in the same way. 

6. For those candidates who have a husband wife calirah wide forehead, thin lips. Broad forehead shows a bright mind and positive.
   7. Do not choose a partner because of physical or heart only but the important thing is personal. Have a private home, private car or private apartments. It aims if after marriage will be occupied together his good guns' have mikirnya dizziness.
8. Find a partner who was older, the difference of 20 years or the remaining guns' problem. This is possible if you are older couples will cepet sickly and eventually KO by itself. Well if you have this legacy of his more cepet obtained ... Tulngga '..?
 9. Once Again look for couples who are richer, this would be if you later change the fate of biting and married who knows could steal his knowledge or recipe to be rich. If guns 'aja stolen property or ask the shaman or the like in order to change his mind for guns' may think that his wealth in the hands of us. Haa ... haaa .... Haa ...
Those are some helpful tips from me that I got information from this blog. if there are suitable please use, if not there so it's okay. tis hopefully it can open our mindset towards our chosen partner.
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